Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On a Ball Now

This weekend I caught up on most of the collage prints I had to do lo's for. And I was totally surprised by how many Christmas lo's I did. Not just this Christmas. I found pictures from like up to 5 years back.

This first one is a pretty good example of a happy misktake. I bought the holly jolly e-cut from scrapbook.com. When I printed them off, I realized I was low on ink. So instead of a Christmasy red and green, it came out kind of streaky and blue and purple. But I loved it anyway. It may not go so well with the pictures, but I think the presents in the bottom pull the color our even more.

I saw a layout in scrapbooks etc. magazine that had a cute mosaic look on one side. I wanted to pull theearthy tones from the beach picture and thought the mosaic would be nice to use different paper, but still look planned. After I was all done, the fiance looked at it, and sand congrats for mimicing the stone walkway in the picture. Of course I acted like it was all planned out.

Because these picture were scanned, they would have looked weird if I enlarged them too much. So I shrank the collage, fit the pictures in, then printed it on 5X7 paper. So the square is 5X5 inches.

I also did a few more, but I'm not as proud of them as I am of these. But ifyou want to see them, they are posted in my sb.com gallery.

Just a reminder, I have some stuff up on ebay right now, mostly electronics stuff,(10% of the selling price going to cancer research), but I also have some clothes my son has grown out of, a few good deals on scrapping supplies(a set of autumn leaves stamps for 99 cents), and some of the homemade soap shown below.

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