Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look at me, posting

Okay, so I finished a layout last night, and while I was taking a picture of it, went ahead and took a picture of the 2 other layouts I have done last week and was just too lazy/busy to do.

This first one I did last week during a snow storm, the news called it thunder snow. Yes I know it is pretty basic, but I like layouts with a lot of negitive space. I didn't just get lazy and not finish it, I keept adding stuff, and chnging my mind and taking it away. I like it just like this. Also, FYI, I have been selling some of those teddy bears (in differant colors) on ebay.


This one is a 2 page layout I also did during the snow. We went and had these pictures done in January of last year, and I JUST got around to doing a layout. I could have made it just one page if I put the title all on one, but I like this way better. In case you can't read it, the title is "3 Generations." The three generations being: 1 my mother, 2 my sister and I, and 3 my son and neice.

3 Generations

And this is the one I did last night. There are 2 pictures because I used a blank card and put the journaling and picture on the inside. I love all the greens, especialy because it is a picture of my neice in the spring. Of course it would have been better if I would have used a color picture to show the flowers, but I was trying to be artistic with black and white. Also, I have been selling some of those Hello Kitty faces, and some full body ones on ebay too.

Hello Kitty, Happy Spring! closed

Hello Kitty, Happy Spring! open

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