Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 Day Weekend

I got tons finished this weekend, but I am not posting some of it. All of the birthday stuff I did for this little man:
Almost 3
can wait until I post the pictures from his birthday party, which is this Sunday.

But the birthday stuff I will post is for my step-mom. I was supposed to drop by this weekend, but I was enjoying hanging around the house too much.
A Simpson's Dinner Apron

Journal Set
Journaling Jar and Notebook

CottonCandy Cupcake Soap Popcicle

I also worked on a couple things for the house.
Curtians for the kitchen

Kitchen Framwe
And some cute cupcakes

And of course several layouts:
Painted Pony

4 Lines

Mom's Day


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

I didn't get to take pictures of all the things I worked on this weekend, so I will probably post again tomorrow. I managed though, to use the sweaters I bought last week, felted of course, "korked" some ribbon and made them into hairbows, and made a tutu (at last) for my neice.

First the tutu. I have been eyeing tutus on etsy and artfire. The can go for around $15 for the basic ones. I was about to break down and pay $5 for a PDF tutu tutorial. I had googled my brains out. Then it hit me, youtube. There are tons of how to videos posted. Just type in what you want, and someone has probably already done it. I picked one that was pretty basic, but that's really all you need for something like this. I paid $1 for a spool of ribbon, and got a yard each of pink and black tule, at $1.74 a yard, and I got this:

tutu and bow

So instead of paying $15, I spent $5, sat in front of the TV and made it myself. Not to mentionthe bow in her hair.



I found some examples of korked hairbows here, then googled again for instructions on how to "kork" the ribbon. Or maybe it's how to "korker" it. I found better results for "how to make korker ribbon."

Also took a little time to make myslef smething for Mother's Day. A pair of pink Hello Kitty Earrings.


The picture just does not do them justice.

And finally, I made a couple of sweater monsters from upcycled wool sweaters. Of course I only had enough charge in my camera to take a picture of one of them. Just happened to be the first one I made.

sweater monster

He kind of blends into the background of my mother's sofa.

Monday, May 4, 2009

VERY productive Weekend

My mom and step-dad were going through a little Malachy withdraw, and asked to take him for a little while Saturday. Then called to ask if he could spend the night. The called to see if he could eat lunch on Sunday. And so on and so on. As of now, it looks like we will be getting him back tonight. Point is with Malachy out of the house for a bit, I got SO much stuff done.

3 Layouts:
Country Boy
Love is for the Birds
Mini Me

I also cleaned the house inside, and part of out, took a car full of stuff to the goodwill, and finished 3 gifts.
Mother's Day Chalk Boards:

mom's chalkboard
My mom's, you can see where I messed up on the edges a bit. How popular are cupcakes right now? They just seemed fitting, cince she will probably hang it in the kitchen.

beth's chlakboard
close up chalkboard
Beth's. I love the bling on the crayons. Justin said it would be okay, instead of chalk. I stamped the image, outlined it in glue, then added glitter.

Patrick and Rebecca's wdding present:
piggy chalkboard
I love the little piggy anyway, but I think the colors I used make them even cuter. Again, little piggy's in the kitchen, that's just cute. I only hope they don't think I'm calling them fat.

I even made one for our kitchen:

All of these were wall hangings I got a Big-Lots on clearance. They already had the brackets to hang them on the back. The were only $1! I sprayed them with black chalkboard paint, then decorated.

I also covered a frapp box but it came out too horrible to take a picture. Then Sunday night I realized I had to time to get a workout in. Of course I came back and was too jacked up to go to sleep, so I'm a little tired today, but it was worth it.

Oh yes, and while I was at goodwill, I browsed the sweater racks, and found a few.... I have been looking over and over Betz White's website. I saw her book in Barnes and Noble ages ago, I think it may have been while I was pregnant with Malachy. There were so many projects I wanted to try, but the whole felting thing looked hard. Then I saw instructionsfor machine wash fleting, or fulling, so, I am going to give it a go. The cupcake pincushion would be sweet for Justin's gramma. The baby blankets look soft, but would the wool make them itchy? I aso saw a sweater vest apliqued with felted wool. Anywho, while I was donating, I picked up a few:
sweaters to felt