Monday, March 9, 2009

Been a Little While

Okay, So I know it has been a little while, and I am not really keeping up too well on the one a week posts, but things have been so busy. Mostly because I got engaged on Valentine's Day. So, with the wedding coming up, June 13th, I have been kind of busy planning for it. And not just planning, but budgeting,since we have to pay for everything ourselves. It would have been nice to ask before I spent all of my tax refund, but what ever. So here is a little of what I have done. I made a collage of my family, mostly my sister and I at my mother's 2 wedding in March of 2000. All the pictures were poloroid, so the quality is not the greatest, but I changed the border color to somethng that blended in pretty well, and I think it looks decent. The other is of the fiance and I, with our son. That's right, after almost 3 years he is making an honest woman out of me. I'm kind of anal about us all matching when we take family pictures, but this is why. I just think it looks so much better this way. I didn't have enough pictures to fill all the squares of the collage, so some of them are flipped and repeated, but cropped so that they look differant, at least to me. I am getting ready to send these of via the internets to wallmart to be printed, then I can do a layout for them.

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