Tuesday, March 24, 2009

On a Ball Now

This weekend I caught up on most of the collage prints I had to do lo's for. And I was totally surprised by how many Christmas lo's I did. Not just this Christmas. I found pictures from like up to 5 years back.

This first one is a pretty good example of a happy misktake. I bought the holly jolly e-cut from scrapbook.com. When I printed them off, I realized I was low on ink. So instead of a Christmasy red and green, it came out kind of streaky and blue and purple. But I loved it anyway. It may not go so well with the pictures, but I think the presents in the bottom pull the color our even more.

I saw a layout in scrapbooks etc. magazine that had a cute mosaic look on one side. I wanted to pull theearthy tones from the beach picture and thought the mosaic would be nice to use different paper, but still look planned. After I was all done, the fiance looked at it, and sand congrats for mimicing the stone walkway in the picture. Of course I acted like it was all planned out.

Because these picture were scanned, they would have looked weird if I enlarged them too much. So I shrank the collage, fit the pictures in, then printed it on 5X7 paper. So the square is 5X5 inches.

I also did a few more, but I'm not as proud of them as I am of these. But ifyou want to see them, they are posted in my sb.com gallery.

Just a reminder, I have some stuff up on ebay right now, mostly electronics stuff,(10% of the selling price going to cancer research), but I also have some clothes my son has grown out of, a few good deals on scrapping supplies(a set of autumn leaves stamps for 99 cents), and some of the homemade soap shown below.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Homemade Soap

So went a little soap crazy this weekend. I just couldn't help myself. Once I started, I kept thinking of differant ways to do it, color combos, scents, and then the "prize soaps." You know you put a little toy inside the soap, and when you use enough of the soap the toy just pops right out. I made so many, and have NO need for them, tht I am selling them on ebay. It's really easy to make them, I bought a kit to start that had molds, dyes and fragrences. Then I have been shopping ebay for more of everything. I found the a girl that sells the most amazing scents for candles and soap. I got cotton candy, cream and sugar, and fudge brownie. They smell good enough to eat, and I'm a little afraid my son might.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look at me, posting

Okay, so I finished a layout last night, and while I was taking a picture of it, went ahead and took a picture of the 2 other layouts I have done last week and was just too lazy/busy to do.

This first one I did last week during a snow storm, the news called it thunder snow. Yes I know it is pretty basic, but I like layouts with a lot of negitive space. I didn't just get lazy and not finish it, I keept adding stuff, and chnging my mind and taking it away. I like it just like this. Also, FYI, I have been selling some of those teddy bears (in differant colors) on ebay.


This one is a 2 page layout I also did during the snow. We went and had these pictures done in January of last year, and I JUST got around to doing a layout. I could have made it just one page if I put the title all on one, but I like this way better. In case you can't read it, the title is "3 Generations." The three generations being: 1 my mother, 2 my sister and I, and 3 my son and neice.

3 Generations

And this is the one I did last night. There are 2 pictures because I used a blank card and put the journaling and picture on the inside. I love all the greens, especialy because it is a picture of my neice in the spring. Of course it would have been better if I would have used a color picture to show the flowers, but I was trying to be artistic with black and white. Also, I have been selling some of those Hello Kitty faces, and some full body ones on ebay too.

Hello Kitty, Happy Spring! closed

Hello Kitty, Happy Spring! open

Monday, March 9, 2009

Been a Little While

Okay, So I know it has been a little while, and I am not really keeping up too well on the one a week posts, but things have been so busy. Mostly because I got engaged on Valentine's Day. So, with the wedding coming up, June 13th, I have been kind of busy planning for it. And not just planning, but budgeting,since we have to pay for everything ourselves. It would have been nice to ask before I spent all of my tax refund, but what ever. So here is a little of what I have done. I made a collage of my family, mostly my sister and I at my mother's 2 wedding in March of 2000. All the pictures were poloroid, so the quality is not the greatest, but I changed the border color to somethng that blended in pretty well, and I think it looks decent. The other is of the fiance and I, with our son. That's right, after almost 3 years he is making an honest woman out of me. I'm kind of anal about us all matching when we take family pictures, but this is why. I just think it looks so much better this way. I didn't have enough pictures to fill all the squares of the collage, so some of them are flipped and repeated, but cropped so that they look differant, at least to me. I am getting ready to send these of via the internets to wallmart to be printed, then I can do a layout for them.