Monday, March 16, 2009

Homemade Soap

So went a little soap crazy this weekend. I just couldn't help myself. Once I started, I kept thinking of differant ways to do it, color combos, scents, and then the "prize soaps." You know you put a little toy inside the soap, and when you use enough of the soap the toy just pops right out. I made so many, and have NO need for them, tht I am selling them on ebay. It's really easy to make them, I bought a kit to start that had molds, dyes and fragrences. Then I have been shopping ebay for more of everything. I found the a girl that sells the most amazing scents for candles and soap. I got cotton candy, cream and sugar, and fudge brownie. They smell good enough to eat, and I'm a little afraid my son might.

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