Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Upcoming "Tasks"

If nothing other than to keep it straight for me, and to kee me motivated, here is a list of the events I need to make something for in the next month and a half.
Brianna (belated 6th birthday)

Mother's Day:
My Mom
Justin's Mom

Patrick and Rebecca

Party Stuff:

Also, I found the most amazing ribbon website. Hip Girl Boutique has tons on tutorials on "ribbon sculptures." I was looking for instructions on how to make a ribbon cupcake, which I found yesterday, but am having touble finding today. They have a ton of free instructions, then another section of designs you have to pay for. I sent $5 through paypal and got instructions for 2 kinds of turtles and an ice cream cone. I can't repost the instructions, but after I make one I will post it, and the link so if you want to buy the instructions you can.
They have a ton of ribbon people, disney princesses, cheerleaders, pirates. I am going to practice a bit to see if I get good enough to make it worth it.
In the mean tie, I found Girly Things, that has differant FREE versions of Tinkerbell, the cupcake I originally wanted, turkies, and a ton of others, most of which spacificly state, you can make them and sll them, just not the instructions.

Also, click on the link below. You earn points by doing stuff. I've had it a week, and all I've done is used their search engine (powered by google) and I've got 9 points. You get points for shopping, searching and trading stuff in.

Search & Win

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