Monday, April 27, 2009

Layouts and Birrthday Prep

My biggest problem scrapping is color coordinating. You know finding colors of paper and embellishments that go together. Sometimes after I finish a page I look at it and HATE it because the colors don't go too well together. Here's an okay example of it:

The color's are mostly muted, naturey tones, and then I added the felt ribbon, and it just seems too bright. Also I just really don't like the ink colors that well with it. I mean, there are a lot of things wrong with it, bt color wise, that's what stands out to me.
This one too, lots of problems. One of which are the colors I chose.

Well, I am trying to train myself, which is really hard. It's not only in my scrapbooking, but the way I dress (myself and my son), decorating, anything the involves colors, I will screw up.
I bought a color wheel, read about how to use it, and it just still was not working. My problem is, I see red and green go together, but is hard for me to find the RIGHT red and green.

So these are the layouts I did last week:

Head 2 Toe
Head 2 Tow

That one's main problem with me are the red circles on the bottom. They're red, just like the background cardstock. But it just doesn't look right together.

Chirstmas at Dusty and Sabrina's
Christmas at Dusty and Sabrina's

I found colorbok's Friendly Forest supplies on clearance at Michael's and I bought one of almost everything they had left. Since they were meant to go together, they did. Then I added the silver journaling spot, and, I'm just not sure anymore.

Mothers and Daughters
Mothers and Daughters

I am actually pretty happy with this one. I used textured cardstock, all from the same pack, so it wet together pretty well. But when I got it printed at CVS, they cut off part of the picture. WTH


Packs of papers are my friends. They all go great with one another. I even cut out flowers from the colorbok set of papers to make embellishments instead of trying to find some that match. Now looking at it, th papers match each other, but they don't really look that hot with the picture.

Enjoy Easter
Enjoy Easter

This is probably my favorite one I did this weekend, and it doesn't even have a picture, and it's not for me to keep. I'm working on a pre-made album for my friend Crystal. I used Martha Stewart patterned paper, textured card stock, and alpha stickers. Nothing was sold as a set, but it all goes good together. At least I think so.

This weekend I started pn the pinata for Malachy's birthday. I will post pictures when I am fully done. I'm about half way right now. I'nm so busy with wedding stuff and birthday stuff, I haven't had tome to do the sorts of projects I want to for ME.

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