Wednesday, February 11, 2009

EBay and Photo Collages

Because of all the shopping I have been doing recently, I am getting off my procrastinating butt and selling some of the stuff I have been meaning to for a while. So, check out some of the stuff I have up now, and since I never got around to fxing the coding on the last past, you can click here and go to my gallery to see the tags that were supposed to be there.

On another note, I have been playing around with the collage templates at I made some up and have set them off to be printed and when I get a layout done, I will post it. Until then, here are some of the collages I have done so far.

Here is the start of a 2 page layout for Kimberly's birthday party:
Kimmy's Party Kimmy's Party Page 2

I put the title and the journaling directly on the photo.

This one for Thanksgiving, I just put the title:
Thanksgiving 08

For my neice's Christmas Play:
Christmas Play08

I din't have a whole lot of pictures, so I am going to journal over the blocks of pp. The same for this 2page layout of the family by various Christmas trees:
Trees08 Christmas Trees 08

I just did these 2 Today from some Vacay pictures:

Malachy in his Jordan

Tennesse Hotel


I'm liking them a whole lot better than the other's. I guess practice makes perfect. No I just have to do the layout. There are lots of great examples in the magazine, which I just renewed my subscription to, and on the website.

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