Tuesday, January 13, 2009

UpCycled Crayon

This weekend was the 7th birthday of one of my nieces. We went to her favorite Mexican restaurant for her party. Can you tell what her favorite TV show is?

Kimmy and Balloons

Kimberly and Cake

So of course we got her some Hannah Montana stuff, a guitar with lip gloss, and a coloring book. I also picked her out a Disney Princess bubble bath kit. But I thought it needed a little something else. So, I made a really lame looking double boiler, and melted some crayons to make her an upcycled-heart-shaped-rainbow crayon.

Heart Crayon

Heart Crayon- Side
Close Up of Side

Kimberly liked the crayon okay, but Big Daddy was the most impressed I think. He had all sorts of questions, and was showing and describing it to everyone like HE made it.

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